Sunday, April 10, 2005

life changing musical events

These aren't the only ones, but they're some of the main ones.

1964: I am at my 14 year-old cousin's house. She is watching the Beatles on "Ed Sullivan" and crying uncontrollably.

1970: A friend turns me on to B.B. King. Another friend turns me on to J. Geils Band.

1972: I see J Geils Band live. also first saw BB King live around this time.

1978: Phil turns me on to the music of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

1980: while driving through the Florida Panhandle on a Sunday Morning, I hear a radio station playing "Lay Down Our Lives" by the Rev. Julius Cheeks.

1996: Phil and I travel to Turkey, Texas for Bob Wills Day. We hear the Texas Playboys perform. Some of the Playboys are about 90 years old. Eldon Shamblin plays at this show, but i think he never played again. I aquire the CD "Basin Street Blues."

2000: on the recommendation of Ben Jammin, i rent the movie "Blues Brothers 2000." This movie has BB King, Aretha Franklin, the late great Junior Wells, Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Sam Moore, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Bo Diddley, too many overwhelmingly great people to mention... but beyond even that, it is the story of my life.

"Invoke the Calling of the Blood," indeed. "No pharmaceutical product could ever equal the rush you get when the band hits that groove, the people are dancin and shoutin and swayin, and the house is rockin!"

Well, the Beatles, J Geils, BB King, Bob Wills, Rev Julius Cheeks, the Blues Brothers 2000 (yes the Blues Brothers 2000), and the Louisiana Gator Boys, among many other people... they hit that groove. Sometimes, our band hits that groove too.