Saturday, April 22, 2006

The RUBBER CITY REBELS at Skippers June 9

Downtown West Events (a JGLB company)
the RUBBER CITY REBELS with Hat Trick Heroes and Roppongi's Ace
Skippers Smokehouse
Friday June 9
sponsored by Sticks of Fire
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Members of our band are trying our hand at concert promotion. We are bringing in one of the most fun "punk-rock" bands from the 70's and 80's, the LEGENDARY RUBBER CITY REBELS (32,700 google results) from the punk capital of the world, Akron Ohio! They were contemporaries of Devo and the Dead Boys, and they rock just as manic as ever! And it aint just punk... it's damn good rock and roll. Think Ramones meets Stones meets Three Stooges! We have been RCR fans since the 80's, when we toured California with them. We even wrote a song with them! They were the hottest (and craziest) band around... and they're coming here to Tampa Town!
This is gonna be a great show. We will be updating this page often in the coming days with more info.