Friday, April 21, 2006

mp3 of the week: "Comb My Hair"

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"Comb My Hair" is a song from the first Johnny G Lyon / JGLB album, "Good Cheap Rock N Roll (1990)." Comb My Hair was also featured in the 1985 Columbia Pictures film "Just One of the Guys." Look here or e-mail me if you'd like to order "Good Cheap Rock N Roll." E-mail me before May 31 2006 and I will send you a mp3 of "Comb My Hair."
"Comb My Hair" is a rockabilly-influenced song written in 1981. Authorship is credited to "Johnny Lyon and Rod Firestone." Rod is the leader of the Rubber City Rebels, who come to Tampa June 9, 2006.
We first recorded this song at Mad Dog Recording Studio (then in Venice, Ca.) in 82 or 83. Tchad Blake was the engineer. Firestone produced. Russell Battelene played drums. My buddies from Tampa, Jim West and Stephen Jay also played. Jerry Kaywell, now known as "Father Jerry," Randy Rice, Twila Whidden, Solly Gersh and Gilbert Hansen also contributed. Our manager did a great job of working out the details. Jim played most of the lead guitar. I played guitar and piano, and I sang. It was a kick-ass recording of a kick-ass song.
Not long after, Firestone was approached by some movie industry types who were looking for some cheap original music for movies. They listened to music by his legendary band, The Rubber City Rebels, but couldn't find anything they liked. Previously, Rod had had 2 songs, "Party On" and "I Did It" on the soundtrack of the movie "Hardbodies." I played guitar and piano, and sang backup vocals on those 2 tunes. So Rod pitched "Comb My Hair" to the above mentioned movie industry types. They bought it!
Rod and the Rubber City Rebels are great friends and an awesome band. I have always wanted to produce a Rubber City Rebels concert here in Tampa! That's a great idea, if I do say so myself!
I don't know what exactly happened to that particular master recording of that song. Perhaps I gave the only copy to the movie guys. But you can still hear that recording in the movie, "Just One of the Guys."
The recording from our 1990 album, "Good Cheap Rock N Roll," is the version we have here. We recorded it in 1989. It features Ray Blade, Manny Yanes, Rob Stoney, and myself. Phil engineered, and Phil and I produced it jointly. It's a kick ass recording of a kick ass song.
"Comb My Hair" and all the other tunes from Good Cheap Rock N Roll are available on the CD "Volume One." E-mail me to order "Volume One." Or, e-mail me before May 31 2006 and I will send you a wma of "Comb My Hair."
See more details about "Good Cheap Rock N Roll" (still available as well, e-mail for info)